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Fancy Wedding Tent

Our Wedding Collections

Our YiShi Cake Collections offer countless possibilities for creatively designed cakes tailored to our couples' preferences, ranging from simple and elegant finishes to contemporary artistic styles.


We focus solely on one design at a time, ensuring dedicated attention to detail. Each design is individually priced based on its complexity and we will work together with you step by step, addressing the following aspects in our consultaion:

  • Cake Sizes and Layout (Number of Tiers, Number of serving, Cake Spacer & Separator, Extra Tall/Slim Tier)

  • Serving Portions (Dessert portion or Wedding/Finger portion)

  • Cake Menu and Flavours (Wedding Cake & Dessert Table)

  • Wedding Theme/Mood board (Incorporate the elements/colour palette to the cake design) 

  • Selection of Cake Decorative Mediums (use of our signature ruffles, wafer paper/fresh flowers etc.)

  • Planning tips and More...

The Elegance 

Crafted with exquisite detail and finished in our signature Swiss Meringue Buttercream, each cake is adorned with handpicked fresh flowers to match your wedding's colour palette and style.


1 tier: from £180

Smallest size serves 26 Wedding/12 Dessert

2-Tiers: from £250

Smallest size serves 40 Wedding/20 Dessert

3-Tiers: from £380

Smallest size serves 70 Wedding/35 Dessert


4-Tiers+: from £600

Smallest size serves 130 Wedding/65 Dessert



NOTE: Please note above are starting prices only, and do NOT include design, delivery and add-on. False (faux) tiers are quoted separately, please contact for more information.

The Designer

With extra flair and a touch of drama, finished in fondant. This collection brings together style and elegance. Picture high level of handcraft detail, clusters of handcrafted wafer paper flowers and a beautiful finish with a range of different edible mediums. It’s a wedding cake beyond your imagination.
2-Tiers: from £360
Smallest size serves 40 Wedding/12 Dessert
3-Tiers: from £470
Smallest size serves 65 Wedding/35 Dessert

4-Tiers: from £630
Smallest size serves 140 Wedding/75 Dessert
5-Tiers+: from £870
Serving size quote by design

NOTE: Please note above are starting prices only, and do NOT include design, delivery and add-on. False (faux) tiers are quoted separately, please contact for more information.

The Haute Couture

In this exquisite collection, we offer an unparalleled level of service tailored to elevate your wedding experience to new heights of luxury.

Alongside our highest level of intricately crafted masterpieces, each exuding sophistication and grandeur, you will receive an exclusive VIP service package designed to elevate every aspect of your celebration.

  • Indulge in a complimentary cake taster box, meticulously curated to tantalize your taste buds with our finest flavours and fillings.

  • Enhance the presentation of your cake with a complimentary cake stand and exquisite table styling, meticulously coordinated to complement your wedding theme and decor.

  • As a final touch of sophistication, enjoy the convenience of an on-site cutting service, ensuring that every slice of your masterpiece is served with the utmost precision and elegance.

  • Complimentary delivery and set-up within 45 miles radius, ensuring your cake arrives fresh and flawless for your special day.

  • Enjoy the added support of a wedding day coordinator assistant to help manage the details and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Lastly, savor the indulgence of a luxurious sweet treat gift box, specially curated to mark the passage of three months since your wedding day or to enhance the joy of your first anniversary. Let it be a delightful accompaniment to reminisce on the blissful moments of your honeymoon or to add a touch of sweetness to your wedding anniversary celebrations.

With our Haute Couture collection, every detail is thoughtfully curated to ensure a flawless and unforgettable wedding cake experience. 

Package Prices from 

  • 2-Tiers: £800

  • 3-Tiers: £1150

  • 4-Tiers: £1680

  • 5-Tiers: £2350

  • 6-Tiers: Quoted by design

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